“I long for a land that does not yet exist, a place where women are valued both for their intellects and their motherhood and where choices between career and nurturing are somehow less stark.”

“I long for a land…”


2 thoughts on ““I long for a land…”

  1. Toni says:

    I love this quote! Who said it? Years ago…like 25ish…I was just about to enter my 20s and was surrounded by a culture that was telling me that I could be and should be SuperMom. That I could and should “have it all” — meaning career, husband, family. That didn’t sit right with me and over the next several years in college, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t think I could “do it all” well. Counter to what society was telling me, I decided I needed to make a choice between career and family. I didn’t think it would be fair to either one for me to try to do both. So I eventually chose career and I don’t, and at this point won’t, have children. Now 25 years later, it seems that society respects my choice not to have children WAY more than had I chosen not to have a career. That saddens me greatly. I’m not sure there is a more important job than being a mother. Once again, I feel like my attitude on the topic is bucking the societal trend.

    • It was an anonymous quote that popped up in the side bar when I was looking up the definition of unladylike. It also saddens me that women feel the pressure to make this choice, and that the choices feel mutually exclusive. I too am in a place where I am choosing career over family, both children and at this point marriage. I am still in the angry stage though and unfortunately respond defensively more often than not.

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