Female Fans, Movie Messages, and Book Blurbs

““Twilight,” meanwhile, is a priggish, nipple-pinching morality fable of female subservience dressed up in plastic fangs and sparkle dust, with a stalky, broodingly abusive male lead who seems to have been written to make physical and emotional violence sexy again, in prose so godawful the author probably wouldn’t know the most hackneyed, obvious metaphor if it jumped up and bit her in the neck.”  – Laurie Penny

I read this quote while reading an article about the sexual politics of The Hunger Games.  The article itself was not really all that interesting.  It compared the two series, telling the world at large to be frightened of adoring female fans who will  literally tear the male actors to shreds all the while screaming and hyperventilating.

Meanwhile, while reading the above quote I couldn’t help by laugh as it is obviously intended to be humorous.  It is very poignant as well.  The author has cleverly brought to light a huge criticism of this series while couching it in ridiculousness.  More on the Twilight series later.  In the meantime what other books or movies do you think have been designed to target the female fan base?  What messages are they sending to women?  I’d love to get your opinion before I go spouting off mine.  🙂


One thought on “Female Fans, Movie Messages, and Book Blurbs

  1. Rob says:

    I’m looking forward to your take on the “daughters as princesses” image, including the dressing up in gowns and wearing of tiaras. And not necessarily for beauty pageants.

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