Men’s Magazines and Rape Culture

**trigger warning**

What’s the difference between the language used in popular men’s magazines and things said?  According to this study, nothing.  Not only that, but the public has trouble differentiating between the two.  They both objectify and dehumanize women in the same ways.  I find this incredibly disturbing.

There is a line between fantasy and reality that is being questioned.  How do we differentiate between the two and what happens when we can’t anymore?  What happens is seemingly innocuous things, like a magazine, or an ad in a magazine, end up contributing  to rape culture.  And in this example the correlation has been made very clear.  When the step into reality becomes too small to distinguish we have a problem.  The result is accepting, minimizing, and normalizing something as terrible as rape.  The line of what is acceptable keeps getting pushed farther and farther.  The woman (as the case most often is) is asked what she did to get raped.  Excuse me?  What she did?  This is not the question we should be asking.  No woman wakes up and says I think I want to be raped today.  No, the fault lies solely on the rapist.  But, when victim blaming becomes okay, and the boundaries of acceptable violence are pushed, this is the result.  Women become nothing more than an object for the sexual gratification of men.

The conversation sheds a whole new light onto how the below picture is viewed.  It is an ad from Maxim titled, “How to cure a Feminist.”


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