Wrapping up SAAM

April is coming to a close and thus the month that is dedicated to Sexual Assault Awareness.  What should this mean?  Sexual Assaults aren’t going to stop because the month of April is over.  People are still going to take advantage of the power they have over others.  There are still the oppressed and the oppressors.  That has not changed.  A month of awareness isn’t what is going to fix the issue.  Don’t get me wrong bringing to light things that are hard to face and ugly is good.  We need to recognize that this is a problem.  Something cannot be done if people don’t know about it.  But it is more than a one month issue.  And lucky for us there are people out there who are dedicating their lives to not only bringing awareness, and stopping sexual assault, but to help survivors heal.

“Sexual Assault Awareness Month indeed affords us a unique opportunity to shine a light on the violence that many women and girls face. But, I call on both women and men to do more. We all know that sexual assault is a year-long, 365 day-a-year issue. If we want to truly end this violence, we need year-long attention and action to keep women and girls safe, and to make sure those who commit or encourage sexual assault are held accountable.”

A 365 Day-a-Year Problem

” We must stand with those who have the ability to use their voice to speak out on this issue and with those who remain silenced. You never know who is keeping quiet.”

Breaking the Silence: Why Men and Women Must Stand Together on Sexual Assault


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