Fiat Car Commercials…Not Much Has Changed

I don’t usually watch television, mostly because I do not have one.  Recently though I have been staying with someone who has one.  These Fiat commercials caught my attention.

This one is from the 2012 Superbowl:

The other I’ve seen a lot has Charlie Sheen in them, who has a history of violence towards women.

After looking into Fiat’s advertising history they are repeatedly guilty of using sex to sell cars.  Granted they are not the only car company to do so.  Nor are they the only company to do so.  Sex and women’s bodies are constantly being used to sell products, no matter how unrelated the product is to women or their bodies.

Here are a couple advertisements from the 60’s and 70’s.

The best one though is a tv advertisement in Argentina created by the Leo Burnett agency.  What do you think, sexy or sexist?

Here’s to ending on a better note and the public showing resistance to the objectification of women in advertising.


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