To Protect the Men…

“Why is our culture so intent on protecting men from hearing about or discussing a woman’s reproductive health?”

I came across this article on “The Current Conscience” blog, written by a Los Angeles based columnist.  It is interesting to read a male perspective stating that women should not be apologizing for their bodies.  I strongly recommend that you read the full article (below) and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

“So, why are women apologizing for their bodies or hiding their reproductive issues from their male partners or friends? I think this tendency for women to protect men from issues about their body, especially about the reproductive issues, is something that is learned. It’s not inherent. All it takes is your mother or another female relative telling you that no man wants to hear about a woman’s period or PMS issues, to begin a lifelong habit of not sharing anything related to that part of the body. Or, it’s your first boyfriend saying “TMI–gross,” when you dare say out loud that you’re dealing with a problem. It shuts you down for life.”

Read the article here: “If Men Had Periods: Women Would Know All About It.”

Note to men: if your sense of masculinity depends on avoiding ever having to buy a plastic tube filled with cotton, you’ve got way bigger problems than you realize.”


2 thoughts on “To Protect the Men…

  1. Thanks. I hadn’t thought about this before. Interesting.

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