When You Can’t be Yourself…

Original post at Who Needs Feminism?


2 thoughts on “When You Can’t be Yourself…

  1. BroadBlogs says:

    Interesting how women learn to put themselves down so men can feel like (superior) men.

    • I’ve continued to think about this quote and your comment over the last couple of days. I’ve come to realize that there are different reasons that make this true. There’s the basic women feeling the need to stroke a man’s ego to get anywhere. But then I look at the women I work with, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. For them it is about more than making a man feel good. It is about survival. Playing dumb sometimes keeps them safe. But it also becomes a habitual lifestyle, even after they’ve left. I’ve caught a couple of them doing that to me as well. I wonder if I make them feel unsafe or if they think my ego needs stroking… Or maybe it is more about authority, or even percieved authority. So then are women percieving that men have more authority than them? And by playing dumb are we therefore accepting that as fact?

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