Bees in My Bonnet: The Saturday Synopsis

Bee in the Lavender

I’ve decided to start a “what I’m reading” weekly post called “Bees in My Bonnet.”  These posts will be dedicated to sharing the things I found intriguing but didn’t have time to post about.  There will also be those things that I really want to share but don’t necessarily have anything to add other than, that’s interesting.  It may include articles, news stories, other blog posts, and every once in a while I may link back to one of my own posts that has been popular.

Here are some things that have been buzzing around in my head this week.  Enjoy!

Quote of the week:

“Feminism does not come to destroy men. If anything, it comes to save men from imprisonment by the system that cramps the human development of men all the while it purports to give them power. Feminists are not asking men to be less than manly. Feminists are asking both women and men not to buy into patriarchal systems that destroy them both. Feminism comes to bring both men and women to the fullness of life, and the wholeness of soul, for which we were all made in the image and likeness of God” ~ Joan D. Chittister

Feel free to sound off below with thoughts, comments, or what you’ve been reading this week!


3 thoughts on “Bees in My Bonnet: The Saturday Synopsis

  1. ninjanurse says:

    thanks for stopping by

  2. BroadBlogs says:

    Interesting. Good idea.

  3. really interesting… fabulous idea 😀

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