Bees in My Bonnet: The Mythological Female Body and Homophobic Language

Bee in the Lavender

I have not had a lot of time to post lately as I was helping a friend move and orient herself in a new city.  Thanks for sticking with me and here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

People have believed, and sometimes still believe, the craziest things about the female body.  Jezebel sounds off with a few myths including a vagina that has teeth and a uterus that obstructs breathing.

“Show a little modesty, guys, and stop thinking that everything to do with my body has something to do with you.”  Sometimesmagical quips about modesty, patriarchy, and objectification.

“A Love Letter to my Body” was all over my Facebook feed a couple of months ago.  I didn’t really connect with it and turns out I’m not the only one.  Pam Hogeweide explains why she can’t write a love letter to “someone” she doesn’t know.

Language is incredibly powerful, so powerful that it can unintentionally damaging.  This website looks at homophobic language and how it is used pervasively, and without thinking.

A pastor writes about his journey from intolerance to acceptance of the LGBTQ community in a blog aptly titled “Coming Out (for straight people).”  I recommend clicking around the blog, it’s a fairly new one so it won’t take long.

One Woman led me to a great posting about how to not get raped.  There is also a follow-up posting where the author responds to “why shouldn’t she take some responsibility?” by trying to get the male commenter to look at the situation as if it had happened to him.  It really is brilliant (too bad he just doesn’t get it).

Totally inappropriate ad of the week!

What did you find interesting this week?


5 thoughts on “Bees in My Bonnet: The Mythological Female Body and Homophobic Language

  1. canbebitter says:

    OMG! That ad was… unexpected.

  2. lowerarchy says:

    The ad’s crass and ugly but it’s not much different to some of the music videos I try not to watch when I’m at the gym.

  3. Kalika Gold says:

    Great post! Tweeted it!

  4. this Tom For ad is outdated, but still horrible and sexist. It certainly doesnt make me want to buy that perfume, instead it makes me want to both boycott that perfume and eat pussy.

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