You Are a Survivor

I was preparing to do a new “Bees in my Bonnet” post and then I came across the following video on End Rape Culture.  This video was done by Project Unspoken at Emory University in Georgia.  They are working towards breaking the silence that surrounds sexual assault and rape culture.  I’ve shared one of their videos before called “I am tired of the silence.”

“Dear Viewer,
Project Unspoken was created as a summer intern project at Emory University’s Office of Health Promotion’s Respect Program ( It was a reaction to the prominent silence surrounding the issues of rape, sexual assault, and relationship violence. Even though gender-based violence is widespread, it is often an issue surrounded by silence. Project Unspoken strives to educate the public by providing easy to access information on YouTube and other media forms. This project’s goal is to increase awareness and encourage society to challenge these injustices that exist in today’s world. This will be the first of many videos to come. Project Unspoken will continue to work towards ending rape, sexual assault, and relationship violence as long as these problems are present. Sexual assault and relationship violence should not be left unspoken. Thank you for viewing this video!
Project Unspoken Staff”


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