It’s time to start thinking bigger. “2012 was unacceptable. But it’s not too late for 2013.”


It’s that time of year again…by which I mean, a new year again.  Incredibly, the world didn’t end last month, and here we are, ringing in 2013.

Before you know it, people are going to be talking about the weight they want to lose, the promotions they want to get, the charity work they swear they are actually going to do.  It’s the time of year when we start wondering what we want to be like in 2013, what we want to change, how we want our lives to be different.

There are a lot of individual things that could maybe go on those lists.  Like our activism page says, “sometimes radical protesting isn’t about shouting louder-~-it’s about living louder”.  We need to live louder by taking those principles and living them every day with ourselves and the people around us-~-by loving our bodies even if we aren’t stick figures…

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