Bees in My Bonnet: Blowing Up the Box

Bee in the Lavender

1.  The Writing on the Wall.  At one University a student decided to respond to the notes on the bathroom stalls.  She offers hope and kindness with her words.  I really love the idea of reaching out to hurting strangers in this way.

2.   A mom lets her son exercise his right to choose what he wears.  Why does it make people so uncomfortable to see a little boy in a dress or heels?

3.  Another great post on letting children be who they are.  “We need to stop forcing children-~-forcing people-~-into little boxes.  It’s about time we stopped caring what we call people and started caring about people instead.”

4.  A satirical approach to protecting men’s potential involvement in sexual assault.  We must protect the men!

5.  A woman from my previous University shares her story towards LGBTQ acceptance and the progress the school has been making recently.  Believe me when I say that it is quite a bit.

6.  “Emily Heist Moss is sick and tired of the men who harass her and make her feel unsafe in public spaces.”  So she writes a letter to the men who have harassed her.  She points out that while the man may think he are being clever or funny in that moment what he doesn’t realize is that he is the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. man to harass the woman that day.  It gets old.  Quickly.

Bonus:  If you need a good laugh, or maybe just a pleasant smile, check out this comic.

What have you been reading?  Tell me in the comments!


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