The Power of Red

By Toni,

“There is something about a woman in red that commands attention.

I learned this the first time when I was in my mid-20s and was working for a Really Big Oil Company. My department had a Christmas party lunch so I decided to wear a red business suit. I had never worn it as a suit before; I bought it so that I could wear the skirt and jacket separately. But since it was a holiday party, I thought I would be festive….”

Read the rest of the post.

Toni is a wonderful writer and a dear friend of mine.  Check out her blog Woodhaven Ramblings, and a guest post she did here last year, Choosing Not To Be A Feminist.


One thought on “The Power of Red

  1. […] it.  It makes me feel confident.  Powerful.  It reminds me of the post I recently shared about the power of wearing a read dress.  For me, part of my power comes from having a great haircut.  I should not have to feel guilty […]

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