I love poetry.  I always have.  In the last couple of years I was introduced to slam poetry.  Poetry where words are spoken against injustices with passion?  I’m in.  My love of poetry has deepened.  The one in the video below was performed during the semi-finals at the 2013 National Poetry Slam.  It moved me to tears.  This guy gets it.

The following poem was written after he heard a man on the bus say to a woman, “You are too ugly to be raped.”

(It is kind of hard to hear, you may need to turn your speakers up)


3 thoughts on ““Piñata”

  1. […] I finally had a chance to go through the 98 emails that were in my inbox and found this clip on Unladylike Musings.  It’s slam poetry and this man’s passion and words went right to my heart.  I was in […]

  2. loopyloos says:

    The power and pain send shivers through my body and mind. I want to cry but its also empowering to see and hear a young man with such pan and his strength coming through. I guess it also challenges me because sometimes I forget its men to…. x loopyloos

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